Daniel and Bayou

Daniel Lir & Bayou Bennett


The dream team was born on a summer day in 2007 when Bayou Bennett met Daniel Lir at a vegetarian café on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. The couple instantly connected with unbelievable synergy and created a hilarious hit film, “Text Me” which captured the “texting generation.”

The award-winning short got them the attention of ad agencies and deals from the Hollywood Film Industry alike. The couple now continues to passionately create on their writing/directing partnership giving birth to innovative films; music videos and commercials through their L.A. based company, Dolce Films.

Their motto “Let our dream team manifest your dream” has allowed them to work with some of the highest profile and most influential companies in the industry. Their clients include: Adidas, MTV, Nickelodeon, P. Diddy, Smashbox Cosmetics, Chase Bank, Island Def Jam, Atlantic Records and many more. They have also discovered talents such as Lea Michelle (”Glee”, “New Years Eve”) and Matt Bennett (”Victorious”, “Bridesmaids”) and worked alongside celebrities such as Paris Hilton; Tennis Champion, Andy Roddick; Olympic Gold Medalist, Nastia Liukin; Oscar De La Renta; Carolina Herrera and more.

Lending themselves to smart, hip, imaginative and culturally significant work, their commercials, music videos and films have garnered prestigious awards. As filmmakers they strive to create projects that audiences will always remember, identify with and want to watch again and again, just like the films of their icons that range from Tim Burton to Federico Fellini to John Hughes.

Bayou and Daniel

Currently, Bayou and Daniel are writing and directing a new film called "Skateboarding with Saddam", which is being Executive Produced by Doug Claybourne ("War of the Roses", "Rumblefish", "The Fast and the Furious"), as well as co-writing another feature project titled "In Search of Fellini" with Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson.


Matt Bennett


Matt’s acting education began with the Long Island-based “Way Off Broadway” acting company. He first performed, alongside Carly Simon, with “The Yard,” an acclaimed artists colony in Martha’s Vineyard. He continued studying acting with the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York and soon began working in voiceover and commercials.

Most recently, he guest starred in the premiere of Comedy Central’s “Michael & Michael Have Issues.” He also co-wrote and starred in the short film, “Text Me,” for which he also composed and performed the original music. Matt is currently one of the stars of Nickelodeon’s hit series, “Victorious.’